Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Image Curtsey : Funders & Founders 

We normally refer the management tools for businesses. How the business being manage, their policy and standards. Every company has their own strategies, level of rules to be follows heading them to their goals.
A startup company should have the following in their mind.
  1. Mission and Vision- from this one can be able to think and plan which kind of business he may up to.
  2. Planning - Of course from vision, it will start for planning accordingly heading to what he wanted for the business.
  3. Strategies - After planning he may come up to strategies how to implement the vision and plans.
  4. Structure of business - i am referring to which place he will establish the company.
  5. Management/top personnel - he may plan to hire professional individuals to start the implementation.
  6. Outsourcing/research - i am referring to the target in the market, clients etc.
  7. Marketing - start to implement and promote the business.
  8. Feedback of the client - weighing and improving the strategies to bring the business up.
  9. Income/Profit - after all you need to check the status of your account, if the business is giving you profit.
  10. Surveys for personnel and client interaction - this may lead again to new strategies on how to improve the business more.
It’s really depend on how the business being implemented and how client and management dealt with each other.

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